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How Bristol Payji works.

Bristol Payji is a people-powered payments platform regulated by the FCA. It is just like any bank account but with one major purpose, to reduce the fees and transaction charges that businesses pay.

When you choose to pay with Bristol Payji, businesses instantly receive your transaction and don’t have to pay huge processing fees to faceless global corporate entities. At Bristol Payji, we reduce and keep all these fees locally and on top of that, a percentage goes directly into a city pot (UK’s first one!) to make good things happen in your local community.

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Our payment system is as secure and as regulated as all major banks.

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You can pay local businesses easily with a QR code through our app.

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Transfer money in and out from any bank with no fees.

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Everyday is a local payday.

With our new payment solution, local businesses can finally make more profit, not to mention, we will also help increase Bristol’s local economy too!

Gone are the days where huge transaction costs get eaten up by large corporate companies, leaving businesses no choice but to inflate their prices. #bringingbacknormality